Restoring and Sanitizing your Kitchen Sponges

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You know we all try to keep our kitchens clean but we often forget about our poor old sponges.  We scrape food and clean up messes with it but after a while the sponge is not very sanitary. Put your sponge in the dishwasher and restore it to almost like new.  Every once in a while when I’m loading up the dishwasher I take the sponges from the kitchen sink and throw them in too!  I’d recommend rinsing them out with soap first, then make sure you rinse most the soap off; you don’t want soap in your dishwasher.  So just throw them on the top shelf and wash them just like your dishes.  The sponges come out much cleaner, somewhat sanitized, and they smell much better too!  Another quick way to sanitize your sponge is to throw it in the microwave for 1 minute.  Make sure the sponge is damp first and be careful when you grab it out of the microwave as it is likely to be hot.

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