Tips for Preserving Paint Brushes and Rollers

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Place paint brushes in a hot vinegar solution with warm soap suds to clean.

Take a small amount of Vasoline (petroleum jelly) and rub between your finger tips, then use your fingers to gently shape the brush head into its correct shape. The bristles will stay soft as new and any residue of paint will not set up.

Brushes and roller sleeves used with oil-based paint can be temporarily kept soft by being wrapped in aluminum foil, placed in a plastic bag and stored in the freezer. This saves clean-up time and trouble when you plan to resume painting in the next day or two.

Before painting apply masking tape around your roller and then remove.  This will pull off al the fuzzies that will otherwise end up on your walls.

Once you have cleaned your paint brushes thoroughly, place a wide elastic band around the bristles. This will help them keep their shape whilst drying.
Wash brushes used with latex paint in warm (dish) soapy water. Leave a little soap in the brush and wrap in wax paper to preserve the softness and shape.
Comb brushes and rollers after cleaning to eliminate excess fuzz and remove loose bristles.

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